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August 20, 2021

Where To Place Home Security Cameras In South Fulton?

Where are the best spots to place your home security cameras in South Fulton? Generally, there are three major regions of the home for video protection: your main entry, the outside perimeter, and key interior rooms. While your installation team will be able to suggest where you should begin, consider the following best practices on where to place your home security cameras around your residence.

Make Sure To Protect Your Main Entrance

While it may seem crazy that a burglar would attempt to just stroll through your home’s main entryway, 34% of break-ins happen at the front door. There are also package thieves among other risks to consider. A video doorbell is able to tackle these concerns with crystal clear high-def, wide-angle capabilities.

Doorbell surveillance is nice as you have the ability to chat with any visitors who come and press the button. Through your security app, like ADT Control, you can respond to every ring with 2-way talk and live video and give the impression you’re on site. When a person does try to do something questionable, you are able to have your video surveillance instantly capture footage and transmit it to your mobile phone with a text message.

Get the Most Coverage Possible With Your Exterior Surveillance System

Figuring out where to place home security cameras on the exterior of your home is often a difficult task. Thankfully, there are a handful of tips to make sure your home is defended properly.

  • The corners of your South Fulton residence allow for a better viewing angle, as you can see two sections of your exterior.
  • Right under an overhanging eave or directly into a bit of trim or siding are perfect spots for security cameras as they will be partially hidden by blending into your gutterline.
  • Over your garage, as the garage door is a more likely entryway for invaders than you may know!
  • Over a deck or back door -- or any entryway not in clear view from the road.

To make sure these locations are successful, you should always trim away any overgrown plants or trees that could obscure the camera’s view.

Recommendations For Getting The Most From Your Interior Cameras

You have more options on where to place home security cameras within your property in South Fulton. That same flexibility means you have additional aspects to contemplate:

  • Beware of Sun Glare: Although it’s wise to make sure your windows are down and latched, the sunlight from a window might cause glare and affect your video recording. Point the front of your camera away from direct sunlight to circumvent this issue.
  • Use Your Height Advantage: Similar to an observation deck, a surveillance device installed in a high place will provide a more panoramic view. You might situate your cameras above bookshelves or mounted on the upper reaches of a wall.
  • Keep Out of Reach: Your video equipment won’t have the chance to protect you if it’s damaged or destroyed. Place your indoor units in locations where kids and your furry friends have no ability to tamper with them. You might consider mounting or a different method to secure them to make sure they don’t fall if inadvertently knocked into.
  • Use Plants and Decor to Your Advantage: The best video camera won’t do much good if you have a plant in the way. On the other hand, decor or foliage can also serve as a means to hide your security equipment. Just make sure they don’t impede the view!

Secure24 Alarm Systems Knows Where To Place Your Home Security Cameras

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