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April 04, 2022

How to Get the Most From A Home Security Cameras In South Fulton

Security cameras can simply be installed as a deterrent—a sign that tells would-be thieves or intruders that “we see you.” Or you can utilize your home security cameras to tighten your home’s security.

Thankfully, the latest security cameras are equipped with a plethora of tools all tailor-made to deliver all-encompassing protection for your residence. Whether it’s 2-way talk and recording options or infrared night vision and lightning-quick motion sensors, these features empower you to have the most from security cameras in South Fulton.

How To Set Up Your South Fulton Home Security Cameras For Top-Of-The-Line Protection

The first step to upgrading your security cameras is mounting your devices in the best places within your house. Interior security cameras need to be placed in frequented areas like the living room or den. It’s also a good move to install a camera pointed at main doors, stairs, or other common areas criminals would have to pass to get to the rest of your home. Exterior security cameras ideally afford a clear view of your front door, front walk, front and yards, garage, and other exterior detached constructions, like sheds. And you can easily access a view of your main entryway through a sleek doorbell camera.

There are locations around your home that aren’t quite as vital to watch such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and basements without a good entryway to the outside. Even if you have expensive items in your bedroom, installing a camera in the bedroom may reduce your privacy. Consider adding window or motion sensors if you desire a measure of device in bedrooms.

Features That Optimize ​​Video Surveillance

Camera placement is only the beginning in utilizing the all you can out of home security cameras in South Fulton. The features shown below help to elevate security and increase overall home security.

  • Motion detection: See instant notifications on your phone whenever abnormal movement is sensed. You can also configure cameras to automatically start filming when activity is detected which serves to boost camera recording time.
  • Cloud storage for smart clips: Set your ​​security cameras to capture footage and back up clips to the cloud for easy playback at your convenience.
  • 2-way audio: Most of current security cameras feature a built-in intercom and speaker so you are able to speak to guests with the unit. With your mobile app, you can act like you’re inside the building or talk to your kids as they arrive back from school.
  • Wide field of vision: Field of view is a term for how much a security camera can see, and gives you a more complete look at what where you want to protect. Opt for cameras that have at least 120-degree coverage or that are able to pan all the way around for optimum visibility.
  • Night vision: Double check that your video surveillance come with either infrared or LED sensors that will produce footage of night-time movement.
  • Activity zones: To make security notifications more specific, create activity zones. For example, you can tell your exterior camera to alert you of movement taking place on your yard or your driveway and overlook traffic passing or foot traffic.
  • Mobile app: app, like ADT Control®, enable you to live-stream camera footage, move cameras, arm or disarm the system, and record events. Most importantly, the app should send instant notifications when the detect unusual motion around your home.

Get Your Video Surveillance Today

Pulling the most out of your security cameras in South Fulton is simpler. From lightning quick motion detection to two-way audio, your home security is elevated from just a deterrent to an unbreakable defense. Call (731) 202-7028 or fill out the form below to get started personalizing your security system today.